In partnering with Orbit Business Technologies, organizations can:

  • Quickly return to normal operations after disaster strikes
  • Minimize downtime and reduce consequences of a disaster
  • Protect sensitive data from disaster
  • Improve efficiency in recovery efforts
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How We Do It:

At Orbit, disaster recovery is achieved by establishing and maintaining an off-site recovery system. This includes implementing:

Data Backup Systems

Data backups are a crucial recovery component, providing businesses with the ability to restore and recover data quickly in the event of a disaster.

Server Replication

Replicating servers off-site ensures that all necessary files can be recovered in case a disaster strikes.


Keeping critical systems running by utilizing redundant components such as storage devices and servers helps ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables businesses to quickly access data, applications, and systems when needed.

Testing Procedures

Regular recovery testing helps ensure that business continuity and disaster recovery plans are up-to-date and will work as expected when a disaster hits—keeping your data in full-protective mode.

We Know There’s No One-Size-Fits-All—That’s Why We Take the Following Steps:

1. Assess Business Requirements

Your business is unique, and recovery plans should be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our experts will work with you to identify the recovery plan that works best for your business.

2. Define Objectives

Once we understand your organization’s requirements, we can work together to define objectives to meet expected levels of performance for recovery efforts.

3. Implement Solutions

We will work with you to deploy recovery solutions that meet your objectives and requirements. This includes configuring servers, storage devices, data backups, and recovery testing procedures.

4. Monitor Performance

Once business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are in place, we will monitor the performance of these plans to ensure that your business can quickly recover from disaster.

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Why Partner with Orbit Business Technologies?

When disaster strikes, businesses need reliable recovery services they can count on. At Orbit, we provide detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans to help your business mitigate the effects of a disaster and get back to normal operations quickly. Our recovery plans are comprehensive and customized to meet your organization’s specific needs—ensuring that data is safely stored and accessible in the case of disaster.

With our experienced recovery experts and cutting-edge technology, businesses can trust Orbit Technologies with their efforts to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery in the face of disaster. So don’t go another day waiting for disaster to strike—partner with Orbit today and feel secure in the knowledge that your business is disaster-proof.