Within the last month, we have seen business IT security threats pop up like crazy. This link round-up will focus mainly on the latest threats, how to prevent them, and wrap up with a 2019 IT budget post.


1. Small to Medium Businesses Need Cloud Defense

Security budgets to protect cloud storage are growing for SMBs, but the expertise is not, leaving a critical gap in protection. With lots of constraints and a lack of clarity, companies cannot accurately address the problem. Outsourcing to a professional can alleviate many of these avoidable, costly issues.


Time to read: 3 min


2. Sextortion Email Scam Becomes One of the Most Successful Dangers

No, it’s not a virus. No, there is no virus. But hackers want you to think there is to get your money. So far, they’ve netted $4 million… in 3 months. Find out how to protect yourself, what to watch for, and how to prevent costly scams from happening in the future.


Time to read: 7 min


3. GandCrab Ransomware

Ransomware is a nasty virus that can bring a business to its knees. This agile virus gets into your files and encrypts them, thus making them inaccessible. Regular security approaches continue to be thwarted by the program. This post details all the ways to protect yourself, along with some sage advice about best practices.


Time to read: 5 min


4. Death of Windows7

While the program will be usable after its death date, companies need to upgrade now if you haven’t done so already. Why? Patch software, bug detection, and any kind of support will no longer be provided. And if you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?” please refer to two security posts above. Any unnecessary vulnerabilities in your software put your entire business in grave danger. Make the switch.


Time to read: 4 min


5. Spiceworks State of IT 2019 Budget

Spiceworks did some research and analysis and uncovered 4 key trends in IT budgeting moving toward 2019. Hardware, software, and cloud services are up. How will corporate tax cuts affect IT spend? What should your business consider for the year ahead?


Time to read: 4 min


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