This month, we’re hitting hard on the importance of cybersecurity protection by highlight some stories from around the web of those who did not heed best practices. Your customer data, your reputation, and your finances are on the line. Neglecting these protocols is not an option.


Too Many Businesses Taking The Impersonation Phishing Attack Bait

If you’re in the legal sector, we highly recommend you read this link if you read nothing else. While phishing and social engineering is not new, the methods hackers use continue to get more and more inventive as time passes. These tactics are so well-engineered that the fake websites look real, and the contacts used to steal information are actual people currently working for these companies.


Protect yourself. Train your employees to understand signs of phishing. And contact an IT provider who has skills and third-party applications design to prepare and protect you.


Today’s Conveyancer is the leading source of information for businesses facing the changing market.


Time to Read: 3 min


Network Segmentation and Why It Matters

If you’re curious as to why your IT provider insists on segmenting your network, this article does a pretty good job of explaining the benefits and reasons. Did you know segmenting your network can increase productivity and lower downtime? Essentially, it reduces the amount of stress on your network, which boosts capability throughout your organization.


ProCircular is a security and privacy firm in Iowa focused on protecting business data through tailored security solutions.


Time to Read:  8 mins


A Single Tweet Saw One Woman’s Bank Account Entirely Wiped Out

Social media can be a useful tool to reaching resolution for your problems faster… but exercise caution. NEVER communicate with someone from social regarding your accounts, as the victim in this article found out the hard way. And NEVER give out personal information to people you did not reach out to contact DIRECTLY from your provider’s helpline.


Mirror Media focuses on the social conscience component of reporting, with emphasis on facts and integrity.


Time to Read: 2 min


Check Your Access Control Permissions Before Hackers Do

According to Varonis, 18.9% percent of companies with more than 1 million folders have 100,000 folders accessible by every employee.” If you’re unclear on what this means, you definitely need to read this article. Unfettered access to vulnerable company information is exactly what lands companies in the middle of a cybersecurity scandal. If you have an in-house IT team, make sure they’re implementing proper protocols. If you’re looking for someone to outsource to, ask these kinds of questions. Know what you’re paying for.


CSO Online serves enterprise security decision-makers and users with critical information to stay ahead of threats and cyberattacks.


Time to Read: 8.5 min


56 Must Know Data Breach Statistics for 2019

They say knowledge is power. In 2019, resolve to learn as much as you can about the risks of data breaches so you can fully appreciate the importance of protecting your organization’s data. For instance, did you know:

  1. The average cost per stolen record in a data breach is $148
  2. 58% of data breach victims are small businesses.
  3. A cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds.


These facts and the others are alarming but important to pay attention to. Start learning about the sheer number of cyber threats your business is up against here, learn some tips about password security here, and see if investing in cybersecurity insurance is the right move for you.


Varonis views cybersecurity through data asset protection by focusing on ensuring the right permissions are in place for each role in a company.


Time to Read: 10 min


Protecting your business should be a priority. Protecting your customers is mandatory. Lock down your cybersecurity threats and learn as much as you can to train your employees. Call in the experts for help if you need it.


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